How to Control Your Eero Wi-Fi Network with the Amazon Echo

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Thanks to the power of Alexa and its open API, you’re able to control a vast number of devices using just your voice. If you have an Eero Wi-Fi system, you can even control your home network with the Amazon Echo.

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With a recent update to both the Eero system and the Eero app, the company tacked on Alexa support, so if you have an Amazon Echo, Fire TV, or a newer Fire tablet, you can use Alexa to give a small handful of voice commands to your Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to enable the new feature.

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Before you can actually start giving voice commands to your Eero system, you’ll first need to install the Eero third-party Alexa skill within the Alexa app.

We have a guide on how to install Alexa skills, but the jist is that you’ll open up the side menu and select “Skills”. From there, search for “Eero” and enable it. You’ll need to link your Eero account with Alexa, which simply just requires you to enter in your email address associated with Eero and confirm it using a verification code.

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Once the Eero Alexa skill is installed and you’ve linked your Eero account, you’re all ready to go. The voice commands you can give to Eero are rather limited at the moment, but you can do some pretty cool things. Here are some examples:

  • “Alexa, ask Eero to find my phone.” Alexa will tell you which Eero unit your phone is connected to, which will narrow down the area and hopefully allow you to find your phone quicker if it gets lost in your house or apartment. It helps when you give your devices custom nicknames in the Eero app (“My iPhone” instead of “iPhone-6”).
  • “Alexa, tell Eero to pause the internet.” This will turn off your home’s Wi-Fi so that devices can’t connect to the internet, which is great to have in order to get your kids to do their chores. You’ll need to set up family profiles within the Eero app in order to enable pausing, however. Furthermore, you can only resume internet access from the Eero app.
  • “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off the LEDs.” This will turn off the small LED lights on every Eero unit in your house. You can also say “lights” instead, or you can tell Alexa to only turn off the light on a specific Eero unit by saying “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off Living Room light.” Unfortunately, you can’t use Alexa to turn the lights back on—you must do it through the Eero app instead.

Unfortunately, those are the only things you can do with Alexa and Eero, but hopefully the library of voice commands will get a bit larger in the future. We’d love to be able to run Wi-Fi speed tests and turn on and off the Guest Wi-Fi using Alexa, but for now, the current voice commands are pretty great.

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