How to download the new iPhone operating system,ios 9.3


Apple has dropped a huge set of new operating system updates, some of which are more exciting than others. But all of them are easy to download — here’s a quick rundown of how to get all of your devices up to date.

iOS 9.3 is the biggest of the software updates, and the only one that really brings new features. Those include Night Shift, a special mode that makes the screen more yellow at night to help you sleep.

It’s downloaded by heading to the settings and selecting the Software Update option. Your phone will check for the update, should find it, and then offer you the option to download — if your phone hasn’t done it automatically yet — and install it.

Your phone will need to be plugged in or have enough battery to ensure that the update can get all the way through its installation, but the rest should be relatively seamless.

You can also update through your computer. Plug your phone or iPad into the computer and head to iTunes, which will let you download and install the update and will do everything else for you.

Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch software — watchOS 2.2 — brings with it a set of updates including the ability to have more than one watch paired with a phone and improvements to Maps. It also fixes bugs and improves speed and stability.

The update is downloaded by heading to the Watch app on your phone. Once you’re in there, click on the General option and press Software Update. The new OS should be waiting for you there.

You’ll need to make sure that your Watch is connected to your phone, and that phone is connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll also need to make sure there’s 50 per cent or more battery, and that the Watch is on its charger.

Apple TV

If you’re on the new Apple TV, updating your TV is easy. It brings with a host of little tweaks, like easier dictation and new on-screen options.

To update, you head to the Settings menu and then click through to System, Software Updates and Update Software. If you’ve got the automatically update option set to on, then you might already have the update — it’ll tend to install overnight.