how to make your windows 7 look really cool

Cool Laptop Gadgets

how to make your windows 7 look really cool

The video shows you how to customize your Windows 7 by adding extra themes and gadgets , change the start button and the taskbar pinned programs. Universal T…
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Edifier USB Soundbar
cool laptop gadgets
Image by digitpedia
This is the Edifier USB Soundbar, an ideal solution for those tinny laptop speakers! Cool little bit of kit which looks great and is easy to use.

What should i be looking for when i buy a laptop?

I not much into gadgets but want to buy a cool laptop. I’m a college student. I want a lot of memory space and good battery life. What is a ram and why is the ram size so important? What is an ideal size? What are the good brands right now? Please guide me. What else should i look for technically and physically?
Also what are the accessories that i should look out for?

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Answer by harish
Do think of ram you can upgrade anways go for 4 GB DDR3… and check the processor… the cache… and the graphics also..
the best in class includes..


Connection Options Mini USB
cool laptop gadgets
Image by digitpedia
Here are the connection options for the Edifier Soundbar, the micro USB plugs into your laptop.