How to update Apple TV software

Apple’s tvOS revolutionised the Apple TV, bringing Apple’s ‘hobby’ product into the limelight with Siri support and its own App Store. Apple recently pushed out tvOS 9.2 with bug fixes and new features, and here we show you how to easily update your Apple TV software and gain access to all its new features.


Apple’s tvOS first launched alongside the fourth generation Apple TV in October 2015, bringing with it huge changes compared to the software featured on the older generation Apple TVs. One notable change is the introduction of the Apple TV App Store where you can browse and download a selection of on-demand video apps along with games and even a fake fireplace (there are quite a lot of those on the App Store actually!). Along with a new App Store, the whole UI had been redesigned and Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, also makes an appearance with the aim of assisting you with all your TV/movie viewing needs.
However, Apple thought that the Apple TV and tvOS could be even better, and at an event held in March 2016 where Apple announced the 4in iPhone SE and 9.7in iPad Pro, the company announced tvOS 9.2. The latest software addresses some issues raised by early Apple TV adopters and brings with it the ability to create folders, which should help make the Apple TV interface a little more organised. It also makes Siri smarter, with the virtual assistant now being able to search for apps on the App Store and input passwords via voice recognition. There are a number of smaller improvements too, such as the ability to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to make typing a little bit easier.

But how do users get the latest tvOS update? While the Apple TV should prompt you to install the update automatically, this isn’t always the case. Carry on reading to find out exactly how to update your Apple TV to the latest software.

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How to update tvOS on Apple TV (fourth generation)
The easiest way to update tvOS on a fourth generation Apple TV is to use the OTA (Over the Air) mechanism built into the software itself – gone are the days of having to use iTunes to update Apple hardware.

1) The first step is to head to the Settings app on the Apple TV. Once open, simply scroll down to “System” and click to enter the menu.
2) Under the Maintenance submenu, click on “Software updates” and select “Update Software” – the new update will now be downloaded on the Apple TV, and this may take a while depending on your internet speed and the size of the update.

3) Once the installation file has been downloaded, you’ll see a tvOS update prompt appear on screen. You’ll be presented with two options – “Download and Install” or “Update later” – select the first option to start the installation process. The Apple TV may restart during the process, and you’ll be presented with a progress bar indicating the status of the update.

4) Once the Apple TV update has been completed, the Apple TV will restart running the most up to date software.