Illuminate your wardrobe with a skirt that actually lights up

Fairy lights have long been a staple of dorm room decorating and suburban patios, but now they’ve been elevated to wearable tech status. You can literally light up a room in a constellation skirt embedded with LED lights.

The Twinkling Stars Skirt from ThinkGeek is cute on its own —the blue ombre color scheme and constellation pattern are fun and quirky. But if you turn on the battery pack hidden in the (universally flattering) elastic waistband, more than 250 LED lights will illuminate. Set the pack to “twinkle” and you’ll really spark up a conversation.

The inner layer consists of white gauze, which acts as both a neutral background for the translucent outer layer and a heat diffuser for the lights and battery so the skirt stays comfy. These aren’t your grandma’s Christmas lights though — they’re made of thin but sturdy wire with tiny LED bulbs attached like these trendy fairy lights. There are also elastic snaps for the lights so that you can dance and twirl without having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

Get your own little piece of the heavens now over at ThinkGeek for $59.99. You’ll turn everyone you meet into a stargazer.