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Ipad Mini accessories

Case/Stand (Targus Versavu) – Transparent Silicone Cover/Case – I use for the Ipad mini – Soft Shell Case (Hello Deere Lovely Kitty) – Keyboard (Logitech U…
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iPad accessory
iPad Accessories
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What are the pros and cons for buying an apple ipad?

i want to buy an apple ipad but am unsure if its a good buy. What are the good and bad points?

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Answer by rohit a
I have iPad and I love it.


Super light
12 hours battery if used heavily.
Plays video from website
Plays movies from
Full length movies can also be watched from website besides Netflix and iTunes.
Plays all the latest TV shows for free from ABC
CBS channel also let iPad user watch latest TV shows
Other website like MSNBC.com!Fox,National Geographic Channel and many other streams video to iPad.
You can download content including video to iPad so you can watch them offline.
You can access content from one to another.
Email attachments can be saved to multiple apps and can be uploaded directly to Google Doc or any other site in a flash.
iPad has iPad version of iWork which is Mac version of MS Office and it’s fully compatible to MS Office. All kinds of document , spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation can be created on iPad.
App Radio plays at the background which means while doing other things , you can listen radio.
Screen can be parted in two parts and two job can be performed side by side.
It has IPS technology so video looks stunning.
It can play HD video.
iPad has TV out function so you can watch web video or movies from Netflix or other websites on TV
Gaming is totally spectacular.

I cam go on and on …..so here I stop, if you have a question ,shoot me email.


Lack of Camera
It’s addictive
You have to buy some accessories to make full use of it
Like :

Apple case
Camera kit

The biggest plus point :: it doesn’t support Flash.

So you can watch video without any annoying commercial or pop ups. It supports HTML 5 which is future. Recently Microsoft and Google both gave statement in favor of HTML5.