Is olive oil bad for cats?

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Is olive oil bad for cats?

My cat was hanging around my and I had gotten a little bit of it on my laptop. My cat sniffed my laptop, and I thought nothing of it. Than he started like obsessively licking my laptop. I realized the oil was there. I shooed him away but he started licking his fur, a lot. It seemed like he was trying to get the taste or something off his tongue, but when I put my hand near him to stop him.
He started licking my hand because apparently there was some oil on my hands.
So I barely ever see him licking his fur and I have NEVER seen him lick a human. Is it bad, and it not, any idea of why he’s doing this?

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Answer by Fibbler
Olive oil SHOULD be fine for a cat. As long as he didn’t get a lot of it, and from the sound of it he didn’t. I’m not sure why he started licking himself, but cats sometimes love the taste of olive oil. It isn’t healthiest thing in the world, but it can be used to treat things like constipation.

It just seems your cat really adored olive oil…If he starts acting up more/acting more out of the ordinary, consult your Vet.

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