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Don't allow any midair cellphone yakking

Airlines, do not bite on the proposed new “freedom” to allow cellphone banter inflight. Please. For the flying public's sanity. If you haven't had the displeasure of flying lately, here's the drill: Super-close quarters, at least for those of us flying …

Suspect in bus stop shooting dropped cellphone at crime scene, deputies say

Barton denied being at the scene at first, but changed his story when he was asked about the cellphone, according to the report. Barton told police he had been at the scene but not involved in the shooting, the arrest report stated. He claimed he saw a …

Three teens charged in MetroLink attack for man's cellphone

ST. CLAIR COUNTY • Three teens have been charged after police say they attacked a man for his cellphone while riding a MetroLink train towards East St. Louis. The incident happened Friday at about 11 p.m. A MetroLink police officer was called to the …