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IRL: Trading in the MacBook Pro for Dell's Precision M3800 workstation (updated)

For a machine with such a high level of performance, the M3800 is unbelievably light, and the carbon fiber bottom blocks heat that could singe your lap. That's in contrast to the MacBook Pro, which can get uncomfortably hot on the bottom. The lid is …

Rumor: Apple to update current MacBook Air models with new CPUs next week

Apple's existing designs for the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air will allegedly see a refresh next week, likely with newer and faster Intel processors, according to a new report. MacBook Air. The MacBook Air was last updated in June of 2013 at Apple's …

Man Denied Right to Marry His Porn-Filled Macbook

A Florida man attempted to marry his porn-filled Macbook this week, proving once again that nothing is too weird for Florida. Chris Sevier claimed that he fell in love with the device, and preferred "having sex with it over all other persons or things …