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NSA Tracking Cell Phone Location Data Worldwide

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“The dragnet surveillance of hundreds of millions of cell phones flouts our international obligation to respect the privacy of foreigners and Americans alike,” ACLU Staff Attorney Catherine Crump told TIME. “The government should be targeting its …

Meet CO-TRAVELER: The NSA's Cell Phone Location Tracking Program

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An article yesterday in the Washington Post disclosed the NSA's massive cell phone location program. The program, codenamed CO-TRAVELER, is designed to track who meets with whom and covers everyone who carries a cell phone, all around the world.

Want to save money on your cell phone bill? Dump your carrier

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You don't have to pay nearly as much as you're likely paying now for cell phone service. Increasingly, cheaper cell phone plans are available through what are called “mobile virtual network operators,” or MVNOs. These MVNOs rent space from the major …