Latest third-party case leak further corroborates iPhone 8 design

While the overall design of the iPhone 8 is all-but-confirmed at this point, another image today claims to show the device in a third-party case. The image, shared by Twitter leaker Evan Blass, shows the device in what appears to be a UAG case…

The image corroborates much of what we already know about the iPhone 8, including the notch cutout along the top and the minimal bezels. There’s also no Home button at the bottom, as expected.

While Blass doesn’t specify which case the iPhone 8 is in, a quick search reveals it to almost certainly be a case form UAG. UAG is the company behind a handful of popular iPhone 7 cases that share an almost identical design to the one Blass shared on Twitter this evening.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen alleged iPhone 8 cases emerge. Back in June, case maker Olixar claimed to reveal the iPhone 8 design with a series of cases. The cases were based on ““information and schematics they’ve acquired through their factories and contacts in the far east.”

Various reports have offered a detailed look at the iPhone 8 size, offering full dimensions in some instances. Case companies such as UAG and Olixar are almost certainly basing their cases off of those leaks, which is a risky move. A quick search on Amazon reveals a few additional iPhone 8 cases, both with and without accompanying images.

Earlier today, a leak claimed to show the iPhone 8 in various colors, including a new copper gold option. At the same time, a Foxconn executive reportedly stated that the “estimated iPhone 8 is not cheap.” Some reports have claimed that the iPhone 8 will be sold in fewer colors than current iPhone models. Other rumors have indicated the existence of a mirror finish iPhone 8 option, as well as the lack of a white color option.

iPhone 8 case leaks should be taken with a grain of salt as their likely based off of the same dimension rumors that we’ve all read. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see the device’s size portrayed in case images.