LG G5 Friends companion devices available in the US


The LG G5, by itself, is one of the top smartphones to look for this year. But it’s not just the speedy internals, great camera, and all around performance that make this phone interesting; when the company first introduced the G5 at the 2016 MWC, LG also went the extra mile in doing what many have called the first modular smartphone. You can agree or disagree at will, but the LG G5 Friends further enhance the user experience by adding more functionality to the phone.

These LG G5 Friends companion devices are finally available in the US. They’re the LG CAM Plus (adding functionality to your camera with shutter button, zoom button, and an extra battery), LG 360 CAM (a 360 camera compatible with Android and iOS), LG 360 VR (the company’s own take on VR, with a wired USB Type-C twist to it) and LG TONE Platinum (wireless Bluetooth stereo headset).

These LG G5 Friends companion devices are available online at LG.com as well as via major US carriers and at retail locations. Prices are: LG CAM Plus ($69.99), LG 360 CAM ($199.99), LG 360 VR ($199.99), and LG TONE Platinum ($199.99, in three color options).

We don’t see the LG Hi-Fi Plus anywhere on LG.com nor in the press release (for the US, that is), so if you’re an audiophile in the US and would like to improve your G5’s audio output with a Bang & Olufsen DAC and AMP, you’ll have to wait while being jealous of your friends in the UK, South Korea, and UAE.