Macworld Video: Standout iPhone and iPod accessories

IPod Accessories

Macworld Video: Standout iPhone and iPod accessories

Dan Frakes takes a look at some of the interesting iPhone and iPod accessories that have found their way to the Macworld offices.
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How will I know that a new iPod Classic is compatible with one of my old iPod rechargers?

I’m planning to get an iPod Classic, and the only thing I was curious about was that I wanted to make sure that some of the older iPod accessories could be plugged into the new iPod. Such examples are iHome, iHome 2.0, etc. Can anyone help? Thanks, your answers are always a great help!

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Answer by rickrudge
Hello Britcop Jim,

I have no idea, but it might help if you brought your iPod rechargers with you to the store and ask the store clerk if you can try them with their display iPods. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.


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iPod Accessories
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