Mee Audio X7 Plus Review: Power sound in a small package

Bluetooth headphones are here to stay, especially considering the industry’s latest trend (or at least threat of a trend) to eliminate the headphone jack from major flagships going forward. Lonovomoto has already done so, and rumors are suggesting that Apple may do the same thing. So, it is up to us, the consumers to adapt to this brave new world in whatever way we can. Fortunately, Mee Audio is here to help, in an unobtrusive, yet stylish way. The Mee Audio X7 Plus headphones are a good combination of size and power that will easily get you through your day.

The X7 Plus headphones are very small – small enough to fit in the hockey-puck sized carrying case that comes with them. The two earbuds are connected by a thin cable that runs behind your neck, with controls on the right side. Three buttons control various functions on your smartphone, with the top and bottom buttons controlling volume, track skipping, etc. and the center button powering the device on and off, and redial, with various combinations on buttons to activate additional function such as Siri or Google Now.

meeX7_controlHeck no H2O!

Adding to the simple design is the fact that the headphones are water resistant, for those hard-core sweaters which means the X7 Plus headphone can stand up to a rain shower or a shower..shower. We tested both scenarios and the X7 Plus headphones pushed through with flying colors. We tested the headphones for two weeks with a variety of devices – iPhone, Macbook, and three different Android devices.

Signal strength was impressive in that the headphones did manage a rock solid connection with the Macbook, a good signal with a phone in a front pocket, and a not-so-good signal with the same phone in a front pocket while riding a bike. Presumably this could be solved with a handlebar phone mount, which those most interested in bicycle workouts will have. Still, considering some of our other experiences with Bluetooth headsets, the X7 Plus headphones maintained the best connection we’ve tested yet.

Fully loaded

The headphones themselves have a solid range in sound quality. They’re top notch in the treble and bass departments, but there is a slight drop off when it comes to midrange tones. This isn’t a deal breaker; there is still presence there, but the headphones can start to lose those mid tones when there is a heavy beat a-bouncing. This isn’t a really big deal for any but the most particular audiophiles, but it is worth mentioning.

Battery life is in the solid eight- to nine-hour range, which is impressive considering the relative size of the headphones. There is a microUSB charging port in the control mechanism of the headphones which is covered with a port cover when not in use, maintaining the waterproofing of the device. Port covers generally aren’t our favorite when it comes to waterproofing, but this cover has a pretty tight seal and is easy to open and close. Can’t complain too much in that department.

meeX7_control_budsLoud and clear

Call quality is clear, but was reported to be a bit tinny. This isn’t overly surprising since the microphone is located behind your right ear. Callers were loud and clear. The isolation on these headphones is top notch. We were still able to hear podcasts clearly while walking next to a running train in an underground station.

As mentioned before the X7 Plus headphones come with a hockey-puck sized carrying case which ensures that the headphones don’t get damaged or tangled. You can certainly live without the case, but it’s not recommended. The case is nicely padded and feels fine, if a bit bulky in the pocket, but will be perfectly fine in a backpack or gym bag.

Work ’em hard

Which is perfect because these are headphones which have been designed for the sportsman/workout. Waterproofing is essential in the design because you need to be able to sweat with these things. The Bluetooth connectivity brings a mostly wire-free way of life and the connection is pretty solid.

Overall, it’s fair to say we came away impressed with the X7 Plus headphones. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the headphones maintained a connection to our various devices, even when being worn in the rain or the shower. These headphones are a fine answer to a headphone jackless future, especially for those who plan to feel the burn while working out to some tunes. At roughly $100 on Amazon, these are a solid buy.

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