Moto 360 (2015) review


Once the expected smartwatch saviour, the original Moto 360 brought circular screens and endless disappointment to the wearables space last year. Twelve months on, the second-gen device (also called the Moto 360) has touched down. But despite making a number of improvements, it’s still plagued by many of the same problems as its predecessor.

Like a petulant child that just won’t listen, the 2015 edition of Motorola’s round smartwatch still suffers from the same screen-impairing “flat tyre” base as the original. But sadly, an inability to fix visual problems isn’t the watch’s only issue – oh no. A less than impressive battery life and all too familiar UI do it no favours either.

True, despite its problems, this is Motorola’s best wearable to date. However, it’s anything but an out-and-out rival to the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2.

The Good

  • Smaller size was needed
  • Improved build quality
  • Design improvements

The Bad

  • Flat tyre screen ruins the look
  • Android Wear still restrictive
  • Poor battery life

Moto 360 Design: Traditional styling makes this a visual hit

Overall, this is not a bad-looking device. The new Moto 360 – which comes in silver, black and gold bodies and countless metal and leather strap options – has enjoyed few subtle design improvements that have gone a long way to creating a good-looking bit of kit. Most notably, it now comes in two sizes – with a smaller 42mm model (£229) joining the giant 48mm (£269) offering. It’s this addition of a smaller size, and an improvement in build quality, that really makes a difference.