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Music Accessories for iPad

Whether its a guitar, bass, keyboards, or vocals; these items help you make music on the iPod and other iOS devices. Music Accessories for iPad http://bhpho….
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iPad Accessories
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Should I get the iPad for Christmas or wait for the iPad2?

I am a student in college and wanted to use the iPad for note taking and what not. I really could care less about a camera for facetime, or a USB port, seeing that I can buy an external USB port. If I don’t care about not having a camera should I go ahead and get the first generation?

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Answer by 〤
think about the disadvantages of the ipad.

it doesnt have a
-physical keyboard (you cant rest your fingers on the touchscreen)
-card reader
-usb,lan and expansion ports
-removable battery
-video out
-open platform

it has
-touchscreen (touchscreen always gets dirty and needs to be cleaned)
-low storage 16gb instead of 160gb against a laptop
-cost double or triple than a 10 inch laptop.

“the problem is , notebooks arent better at **anything*” steve jobs — this guy is joking.

*all the software and apps for ipad in the itunes store will cost you unlike many of the free software in a laptop.

*if you buy a laptop you are not tempted to buy accessories like the ipad itself

IPad 2 comes out on april 2011 most likely since new ipods/iphones are released yearly and hopefully ipad 2 will