New Technology News – Amazon planning to release a cell phone and much more!

Interested in discovering some new technology news? You’ve come to the right place – we discuss key new technology news such as Amazon planning to release a cell phone and much more!


p.txt-300x228So what is new in technology news? Something that it is hot right now is that though Amazon are rumoured to be expanding into smartphones.  New technology newsrumours are all we have to go on at the moment – but they’re persistent enough. After all, when it comes to hot new technology news, there’s no smoke without fire!  of the difficult things when reading and writing new technology news is whether to trust it, you can judge this by looking at the creditability of the source of the new technology news.

New technology news sources are pondering Amazon’s acquisition, of former Windows Phone developer Charlie Kindel. Kindel left Microsoft in 2011 and went public with his work for Amazon earlier this year, stating he’s “now at Amazon, working on something wonderful”. There’s been speculation in new technology news is that Kindel is heading up the forthcoming Amazon smartphone. At the least, his presence guarantees something to do with hardware development.


In addition to Kindel, Wall Street Journal published new technology news confidently predicting two smartphones from Amazon – including a high-end offering with a 3D screen. According to experts in new technology news WSJ, this top-end mobile will use retina-tracking technology to make images appear as if they are floating about the touchscreen, which may be the closest we come to hologram technology for some time. Their inside new technology news sources also said you may be able to navigate via the movement of your eyes.


Is a 3D Samsung phone really new technology news? Back in 2011, both HTC and LG released dual-core devices with pre-packaged 3D technology, the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D. Neither phone enjoyed much success, largely due to a lack of third-party apps offering 3D support, it was reported in relevant new technology news. Since games and apps were in 2D, only HTC/LG’s own applications took advantage of the technology – and due to the bulky hardware necessary to perform 3D rendering, both the Evo 3D and the Optimus 3D were significantly weaker, heavier, and had poorer battery life than other handsets around at the same time.


In new technology news sources, it’s rumoured Amazon maybe able to sidestep all these issues. Firstly they’re not utilizing ‘true’ 3D; retina-tracking technology allows them to create a facsimile of the 3D experience by boosting flat images and giving them the illusion of depth. They don’t have to worry about optimizing apps or games for 3D. Their proprietary app store means they could vet applications being submitted, to ensure they pass muster.


Also hot in new technology news at the moment, Nintendo have recently gained some mainstream success with their handheld Nintendo 3DS console, so it’s not too much of a stretch to picture Amazon succeeding with a 3D-capable smartphone. We expect to see a new Amazon smartphone emerge before the September/October rush. This is the time Apple and Samsung are going to start revealing top-end products, including Samsung Galaxy Note III and an Apple Smartwatch to buttress the functionality of the iPhone.


With other rumoured features in key new technology news publications including a 4.7 inch screen (rumour courtesy of new technology news site DigiTimes), a quad-core processor and Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 800 chipset, a high-end Amazon smartphone could certainly make waves in the market – particularly since, like Google and their Nexus 4, Amazon does not mind taking a loss on hardware. By pricing products close to the cost it takes to manufacture them, Amazon can ensure a massive impact on the market. Watch this space for new technology news!