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Tyler’s Lighting McQueen Slippers
Leading Brands
Image by bill barber
Although my grandson,Tyler’s, big ‘thing’ is Indiana Jones these days, he still wears his Lighting McQueen slippers. Tyler and his little brother, Gavin, now have pretty much everything from the ‘Cars’, ‘Thomas’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ franchises. Gavin is now working on ‘In the Night Garden’.

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The last race of the Piston Cup stock car racing season ends in a three-way tie between retiring veteran Strip "The King" Weathers, perennial runner-up and dirty fighter Chick Hicks, and rookie Lightning McQueen. A tiebreaker race is scheduled for one week later at the Los Angeles International Speedway. McQueen, eager to start practice in California as soon as possible in order to become Cup champion and gain the sponsorship of Dinoco Oil, pushes his transport carrier, Mack, to travel all night long. Mack is too exhausted to notice when McQueen, asleep, falls out the back of the truck. McQueen awakes in traffic and speeds off to try to find Mack, but ends up in the run-down town of Radiator Springs, inadvertently tearing up its main street. The town is now only inhabited by an interesting group of automobliles who fulfill a number of functions. McQueen is arrested and tried the next day by the town’s judge, Doc Hudson, who wants McQueen out of town as fast as possible. But at the insistence of Sally Carerra, the town’s lawyer, Doc assigns McQueen to community service by ordering him to repave the road.

McQueen finds that the job of pulling the asphalt-laying machine requires a slow pace despite attempts to complete the job faster. As the days pass, McQueen becomes friends with many of the townsfolk, and learns that Radiator Springs was once a popular waypoint along U.S. Route 66, but that it effectively disappeared from the map when a bypass was built, causing many of the businesses and residents to leave. McQueen also discovers that Doc is actually the "Hudson Hornet", a three-time Piston Cup champion forced to retire after a racing accident. McQueen, encouraged by his new friends, successfully completes the road and spends an extra day in town cruising with Sally and getting a new paint job and tires. However, that night, Mack, followed by the media, finally catches up to McQueen, who reluctantly leaves Radiator Springs in order to make the race on time.

As McQueen prepares to race, his thoughts keep returning to his new friends, and his thoughts distract him from performing well. However, he is surprised to discover that Doc, outfitted in his "Hudson Hornet" colors, along with others from Radiator Springs are serving as his pit crew. Encouraged by their presence and their incredible pit stop speed, and by using tricks he learned from them while in Radiator Springs, McQueen is able to gain the lead. On the last lap of the race, Hicks purposely runs into The King while attempting to catch up to McQueen, and causes The King off the track and into the infield. McQueen stops inches short of winning the Cup to drive back and push The King across the finish line, thus preventing what happened to Doc from happening to The King. By doing so, he allows Hicks to take the Cup. After the race, Hicks is shunned for his tactics despite his victory, while McQueen is praised by The King and his wife as well as by the press and crowd for his sportsmanship. McQueen returns to Radiator Springs and announces that he will set up his off-season headquarters there, helping to revitalize the town and its business, much to the pleasure of his new friends.

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Chew, Drink, Star!
Leading Brands
Image by judy_and_ed