No Call Volume in iPhone, But Speakers Play Music Fine

If you have an iPhone, and there’s no volume when making calls, but speakers seem to be playing music clearly, you’re not alone. This issue occurs when you plugin earphones that are not made by Apple themselves, and can be resolved by a brute force method that we will detail below.

So, what’s the actual no-call-volume issue? Music on your iPhone plays fine, and the microphone works fine too. But the problem occurs when you pick calls – you’ll be unable to hear the person at the other end completely. Sometimes, you can use a headphone or activate speaker mode to hear the other person talk, but if you hold the phone normally, you really can’t hear the person speak.


So how does one resolve this issue? You could do a soft reset, but that doesn’t always work. You’ll lose some of your configurations when you do a soft reset, and hence, there’s a better way to make call volumes go up.

First, get your official Apple earphones ready. If you don’t have one, borrow them. Do not use earphones or headphones manufactured by a third party manufacturer.

Play music in your iPhone and plug the earphone in. Then, randomly pull out the earphone at sporadic intervals for 4-5 times. Try making a test call to see if you can hear the audio in full volume. If it works, you’re good to go.

Otherwise, lock your phone and without the music player running, plug in and out the earphone for about 10 times. Make a test call and everything should work fine.

In case the above method doesn’t resolve zero call volume in your iPhone, try doing a soft reset from SettingsGeneral Reset > Reset All Settings. You might lose some of your customizations, but your iPhone settings will be fine, mostly.


Disclaimer: Try the method above at your own risk. This workaround has been tested in iPhone 4S with iOS 6, but could work in iPhone 5 or iPhone 3GS with the same iOS version or iOS 5.