Npower cools down Nest 3rd gen price ahead of cold snap Share on: Comments


Launched ahead of this weekend’s expected cold spell, the deal sees you paying £70 less than the usual price of £199, plus installation costs. Nest’s safety temperature feature – accessed by heading to Settings > Equipment > Safety Temperature – also means that the thermostat can be set to heat your home to 7°C at all times, to prevent your pipes from freezing over.

Nest’s learning thermostat claims to predict your weekly routine, meaning it’ll start heating up your home in anticipation of you jumping in the shower first thing in the morning and getting home later at night.

As well as this, the latest version of Nest gives you the ability to control both the heating and the hot water temperature in your home from your iOS or Android device.

Neil Pennington, npower’s Director of Innovation, comments, “The third generation of Nest is even better at learning what customers like – it’s slimmer, sleeker and uses intelligent technology, aiming to save money and energy.

“This offer is one of the best ways of getting your hands on a new Nest, and it’s available to both new and existing customers.”

If you want to take advantage of this near-35 per cent saving, head over to npower’s site now. This offer is unfortunately only available to new and existing npower customers; if you’re not getting your gas and ‘leccy from them, you’ll have to stump up the regular asking price.