NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 prototype sold at pawn shop, shown off in photos

The original NVIDIA Shield was a portable device with a flip-out screen attached to a controller. We never saw a second portable Shield, but that doesn’t mean that NVIDIA never cooked one up.

Images and spec details of an alleged NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 have surfaced. Reddit user FwrigginRwootbeer claims to have purchased this device at a pawn shop in Canada, and Android Police has been told that this is a developer unit meant for testing games and was never intended to be released to the public.

This Shield Portable 2 has a similar design to the original Shield, but it has slimmer screen bezels and a revised layout for its navigation buttons. The device is listed as having a quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 processor, 5.89-inch 1440×810 display, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage.

NVIDIA’s first Shield Portable was an interesting device, offering mobile gaming but with a physical controller for more hardcore gaming. Unfortunately, while NVIDIA appears to have at least considered releasing an updated model, the original Shield Portable probably didn’t sell enough for NVIDIA to justify releasing a second. At least we all get to ogle this unreleased hardware in these photos.