Pandora will now recommend nearby concerts, thanks to Ticketfly


Spotify late last year turned its recommendation engine to concerts, suggesting nearby shows based on the listening habits of its users. Today, Pandora announced a similar move, aided by Ticketfly, which Pandora acquired last year. Now, the two are working together to bring personalized concert suggestions to Pandora users, also based on listening behavior.

When an artist creates an event on Ticketfly, Pandora listeners who like the artist will receive a push notification that the artist has just announced a nearby show. If the Pandora user taps on the push notification, they’ll be taken directly to Ticketfly through an in-app browser where they can purchase concert tickets.

If the event is announced, but tickets aren’t yet on sale, listeners can instead set a reminder after clicking through on the push notification. This will allow them to receive a second notification when tickets become available.

Push notifications for mobile devices will be arriving soon, says Ticketfly, but feed alerts in Pandora’s app are already live. Here, the feed will feature event announcements and on-sale notifications.


In addition, personalized live event email digests will also be sent out to users starting later this year. These emails may include special offers that encourage listeners to buy the tickets, notes Ticketfly.

The news of the further integration between the two services follows Pandora’s acquisition of Ticketfly for $450 million last year – a move aimed at helping connect Pandora listeners to live events in their local area. At the time of the deal, it was unclear how tightly integrated the two products would become.

With this new move, Ticketfly’s 1,600 clients can reach a targeted subset of Pandora’s nearly 80 million monthly active users, the company says. Meanwhile, all of Ticketfly’s service fees will be included in Pandora’s GAAP revenue 100%. By connecting the two services via Pandora’s widely used app, the combined companies should be able to boost their bottom line.


“Pandora is the most-used app in the world—on average, listeners spend more than 24 hours on Pandora every month, logging around 1.83 billion monthly listening hours in aggregate,” notes Caren Park, Ticketfly’s Director of Product in an announcement.

“That means more eyes and ears than ever on your events, right when they’re announced and right when they go on sale. And this is just the beginning. In the coming months, Pandora’s live event marketing platform will be built out even further to help you market your events and build your brand, meaning you’ll sell out more shows with less headaches,” Park adds.

Helping alert users to nearby shows is something a number of companies today are tackling, including not only Spotify, whose concerts feature was built with Songkick’s help, but also Songkick itself, as well as Bandsintown, Reverbnation, Jambase, Eventful, and others.