Pebble releases an update that lets you see emojis in their popular smart watch


If you’re using Pebble, surely you’ve missed more than one occasion the emojis on your device. This is something I have noticed in Pebble, is that over the past few months, many users had asked the company to include the emojis on your smart watch.

Now, as part of the 2.5 update its firmware , the Pebble has finally received theability to display emojis -as the company has indicated through a post on its official blog – something that delights users of this device. In addition to the inclusion of emojis, the update also includes the ability to use a compass, thanks to the company’s SDK, developers can use to extend the functionality of the watch . In addition to these developments, in Pebble been tapped to provide its intelligent clock compatibility with the new operating system the company Apple, iOS 8 Among the new features included for users of this operating system for mobile devices, we might note that henceforth, we remove notifications from the Pebble, also disappear in the notification center in your iPhone or iPad . The company is aware of the usefulness of this measure, which has already confirmed that they are working on something similar for Android.