Point Your Phone At A Maths Problem And This App Will Solve It

No-one likes doing mathematics.

Actually that’s not true, some people do, but for those of us that haven’t taken that part of our brains for a walk in a while it can be more than just a chore.

Well now help is at hand in the form of Mathpix, an ingenious app which uses youriPhone’s camera to look at handwritten equations and then work them out instantly.

Opening up the app it looks just like any normal camera, but point it at an equation and you’ll start to see the magic happen.

The app will not only solve the equation but will actually show you its workings, and then present multiple different routes for working it out.

Now some of these formula can be pretty processor intensive (we’re talking more than that calculator app on your phone) and so while the app does the image-taking the actual working out happens on a server up in the cloud.

The app was created by Stanford student Nico Jimenez and fellow graduates and high schoolers Paul Ferrell, Michael Lee and August Trollback.

What’s more astonishing about the app is that it claims to be the first that can actually recognise and then solve handwritten equations.