Porgs are here and ready to go home with you

doesn’t hit theaters for another two and a half months (stay strong!), but you can already get acquainted with the cutest new addition to the Star Wars menagerie.

We’re talking about Porgs. According to the best leaks, Porgs are native to Ahch-To, the island where Luke Skywalker has been hanging out. They most resemble some sort of adorable space puffin: they’re little winged birds that waddle around on cliff-sides and are apparently more curious than they are shy. They lay eggs and their babies are, obviously, called Porglets.

And now, you can get one! Hasbro is selling an electronic, plush Porg toy that will flap around your home and gaze at you with those big, inquisitive Porg eyes. It even makes a full collection of Porg sounds (whatever those are). All you need are some AA batteries.

Get yours today on Amazon for just $39.99. (If you order ASAP, you might qualify for same-day delivery.) Target is also selling these little cuties.