Practical Gadgets for Your Laptop

Most gadgets and gizmos made for laptops are novelty items. They look good at first, but in reality, they usually get put back in the box and never used again. When looking for a gadget that you can easily plug into yourlaptop, get something that will enhance its performance.

Laptop cooler

A common issue with laptops is overheating. Despite their name, the lap is one of the worst places to rest alaptop when it’s in use. A laptop cooler plugged into your USB keeps the important insides at an ideal working temperature. The Cooler Master Notepal U2 disperses the heat and has moveable fans. All different makes and models of laptop have different spots in which they overheat and the Notepal accounts for this. At almost half the price of some of the other popular coolers, this is a great purchase for those who struggle with keeping their laptop cool.


Wired/wireless mouse

A first time laptop owner can take a while to get used to the touchpad. Some simply don�t find them comfortable to use. A mouse can provide a smoother movement of the cursor with a familiar feeling. Unless you need a gaming mouse, there�s no need to spend a lot on one. A great value wired mouse is AmazonBasics 3-Button mouse. It does the job it needs to do and you can simply plug it in and use it on any laptop. If you don�t want wires in the way, the Logitech M235 wireless mouse can be what you need. At a moderate price, this is another simple to use mouse. The USB sensor is small and has great reviews. To get away from using the touchpad, these mice are great replacements.

External speakers

Laptops are not built with music quality in mind. While watching movies or music videos, the tinny sound from most laptop speakers is not ideal. An external speaker can provide a great sound for you and those you may be entertaining. The Logitech Z205 speaker clips onto your laptop without obscuring the screen. This is especially useful if you have limited space. It’s small, lightweight and portable. It can even connect to other devices, such as MP3 players, for a great balanced sound.

Handheld wireless keyboard

For those who fidget or have back problems, trying to find a comfortable position for which to use your laptopcan be difficult. Investing in a wireless keyboard will mean you don’t have to deal with the heavy bulk of yourlaptop on you. The Visopix Mini Keyboard Touchpad is only the size of your average TV remote and can work from up to 30 metres away. It has a backlight to make it easy to see the buttons in low lighting. Using yourlaptop, or even turning it off, is made easier with a wireless keyboard at your fingertips.


External hard drive

Everyone now keeps a digital copy of their important information. Family photos, music, vital documents for work and passwords are just a few. Backing it all up on an external device is the perfect way to ensure the safety of your files. The Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 has the physical size of a standard USB stick, but has the memory of a hard drive. It ranges from 64 to 256 GB. It may seem pricey, but no storage comes cheap. As the saying goes  if data doesn’t exist in 3 places, it doesn’t exist at all.