Press renders crop up to put the spotlight on Moto Z Droid and trio of MotoMods


It doesn’t look like Google’s Project Ara initiative for developing a truly modular smartphone where you can remove and swap all the key components with minimal effort and no specialized tools will yield a fully functional, mass-manufactured product anytime soon.

But you can settle for the next best modular thing, namely the LG G5 and its “Friends”, or the upcoming Motorola Moto Z lineup and so-called MotoMods interchangeable back plates.

There could be up to half a dozen such productivity-enhancing accessories, adding among others a camera grip, backup battery, kickstand, stereo speakers, and even pico projector in the equation. Until now, we only heard chatter of these easily attachable (and detachable) Moto Z modules, but today, master leaker Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, finally comes out with visual evidence of their existence.

At least three of them, including possibly the most exciting MotoMod of all, which features in the foreground of this high-quality render, optical zoom, shutter button, dedicated flash and all. The other two maintain slightly lower profiles and don’t exactly show their hands, although the one in the middle appears to incorporate a pop-up kickstand and likely a spare battery too.



Turning our attention to another recent @evleak, we can also check out the Verizon-specific Droid edition of the Moto Z Style or Play (probably the Style) in the flesh, at least from behind, coated in black, silver, and gold.

The design feels divisive, to say the least, but also extremely original, with a premium metal build in tow, huge circular camera housing, smoothly rounded corners, nicely concealed antenna bands, and a cluster of module pins letting you magnetically attach those clever MotoMods.

The jury is still out on branding here, with Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Style/Play Droid Edition, Moto Z Droid Turbo and Moto Z Droid Edition Turbo all pretty solid guesses. Either way, it’s sure nice to see a more subdued Droid logo for a change.