Researchers show how to hijack a five-year-old MacBook…

Muliple Laptops : Beethoven’s Macbook Symphony
Image by Anirudh Koul
Macbook Pro users be warned. Sometimes two hands are not enough! Beethoven must be turning in his grave. Feat accomplished at the C.S. powerhouse – Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers show how to hijack a five-year-old MacBook

By now, hijacking laptop cameras is an old hacker trick, but new research dug up by The Washington Post suggests there may be a way to do it without setting off a MacBook's telltale warning light, a feature designed to make sure users know when they're …

MacBook Pro vs PowerBook G4 bis
Image by wicho
Primer plano del MacBook Pro, aunque con las prisas el enfoque no está precisamente donde debería.

Perv Utopia: Light on MacBook webcams can be bypassed

As with just about every other piece of modern hardware, the webcams in the computers that the researchers looked at—an iMac G5 and 2008-vintage MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and Intel iMacs—are smart devices with their own integrated processors, …

My Macbook Setup
Image by davidgarcia.85
– Macbook 13′ : 1GB RAM, 160HD.
– Epson Stylus T20.
– Silver Clock – Photofolio.
– White flowers with pine foliage.
– PowerDock 2 of Griffin to charge iPod & iPhone.
– Wireless USB Acteck: Keyboard and Mice.

Update (soon): Maybe I wll take another picture.