Rugged headphones are on-ear and on-point


Lust List: NAD VISO HP30 Headphones

I thought I knew myself pretty well by now. Boxer briefs instead of boxers or briefs. Surf before turf. Toilet paper over and not under. And over-the-ear headphones well before on-ear or in-ear.

But the NAD Viso HP30s have me questioning my allegiances to over-the-ear.

Even before pulling them onto my ear, I was impressed with the compactness, sturdy build and optical appeal of the HP30 headphones.

NAD uses what it calls RoomFeel technology to create a sonic space intended to sound more like a live performance or at least a room filled with loudspeakers, and I have to say the company has done a pretty nice job with this pair of cans.

In some cases I had to move the headphones around a little bit on my ears to find the sweet spot, but when I did the audio left little to be desired. The 40mm drivers did an admirable job of making me feel something from my music, and after all that is why I listen.

They come with a three-button, tangle-resistant remote and a nice little carrying case they fold up into nicely.

After my time with the VISO HP30s, I am considering giving lima beans and the unicycle another chance. Well, maybe not.