Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With 6GB Of RAM Headed To China

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was made official we heard rumors that the handset would come with 6GB of RAM. When Samsung announced the device it was revealed that it comes with 4GB of RAM.

Now rumors have started up again about a 6GB RAM variant of the new Galaxy Note 7 and this device will apparently launch in China.

According to a recent report the 6GB version of the Note 7 is launching in China later this month and the device will apparently retail for 6088 Yuan which is about $814 at the current exchange rate.

It looks like the 6GB RAM version of the new Note 7 will be exclusive to China and Samsung will apparently not launch this model in the US or Europe. As soon as we get some more details about this variant of the Note 7, we will let you guys know.