Samsung’s Gear VR lets you Like and share in virtual reality

Samsung’s Gear VR headset just became more social thanks to a slew of new features from Oculus, including Facebook integration.

The social network now has its own tab in the Oculus Video app, through which users can watch any 360-degree videos that have been shared.

Additional functionality will be added in the coming weeks, allowing Gear VR users who have connected their Facebook account to Like and share footage without leaving the virtual world.


New social gaming features are also coming to the Samsung headset, courtesy of Oculus.

Users will be able to create a profile and add friends on a VR-friendly gaming service that shows them what the other person is playing.

From here, players can invite each other to join them in gaming sessions, similar to the way they would on Xbox Live.

Facebook-owned Oculus is adding a slew of new VR-based games to its official store to support the feature, including quiz title Social Trivia and co-op-centric arena battler Herobound: Gladiators.


The Oculus Store has also been given a revamp, and now includes star ratings for each app and game.

Oculus VR has gained serious traction lately, as Samsung opted to give the headset away to Samsung Galaxy S7 pre-order customers.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed how many took advantage of the offer.