Second generation of Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ apparently for sale on eBay


An unreleased, second generation version of Google Glass has appeared on eBay,available to buy from a Californian pawn shop for thousands of dollars.

The eBay listing, which was spotted by Google+ user Cavin Kabe, is apparently for the ‘Enterprise Edition’ of Google Glass, a refined and unreleased version of the original ‘Explorer Edition’ which came out in 2013.

The first version, available only to a select group of developers and testers, was greeted with much media attention when it came out. Glass has slowly fallen off the public’s radar in the last couple of years, but Google haven’t stopped working on it.


This version of Glass apparently has a more powerful processor, better battery life, and a larger ‘prism’ screen, allowing more information to be shown to the user.

The version for sale on eBay also has hinged legs, allowing it to be folded up like a normal pair of glasses. Rumours about the Enterprise Edition also suggest water-resistance, faster WiFi, and a LED light which illuminates when the user takes pictures or videos.

The pawn shop selling the device is in San Francisco, a stone’s throw from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View – so while it’s not confirmed, it’s plausible that this is the real deal.

If you want to get your hands on the device to find out more, you’ll have to dig deep – the current bid at the time of writing is $7,300 (£5,100).