Someone figured out how to play ‘Counter-Strike’ on a smartwatch

Cutting-edge technology doesn’t stay cutting-edge for long. Case in point: Counter-Strike, a popular 3D-graphics intensive first-person shooter game that required a powerful PC when it came out in 2000, now runs on an Android Wear smartwatch.

That’s right, the smartwatch on your wrist is now as powerful as a computer as desktop computer from 16 years ago.

As shown in the video above, YouTuber Dave Bennett figured out how to get Counter-Strike working on his LG G Watch.

Sure, it’s not the most practical way to play the game with the smartwatch’s tiny, tiny touchscreen, but it’s still impressive as a technical feat. It perfectly illustrates how far technology has advanced.

The smartwatch is a two-year device so there’s some noticeable lag, but my hunch is the lag would disappear if Bennett gets it running on new Android Wear smartwatches. Of course, that might be easier said than done since the newest Android Wear smartwatches have round displays, not rectangular screens.

‘Counter-Strike’ running on an Android Wear smartwatch.

Recently, someone managed to emulate Counter-Strike on an Android smartphone. Can we get some Counter-Strike on HoloLens or in VR next?