Spark Profit is a trading simulation game that pays real money

We’ve got many trading simulation games that enables users to invest in stock market but Spark Profit, created by Nous Global Markets takes a slightly different approach. This free to play game allows users to predict financial markets like currencies, commodities, stock indices and Bitcoin and in return get paid for correct predictions.

In simple words, Spark Profit credits points in the user’s account for correctly predicting a financial trend that can be redeemed for real cash of up to Rs. 6,000 a month via PayPal, Bitcoin or Skillrex.

So how does the company earn if it’s paying a user that does not invest a real penny? Well, Spark Profit earns its share of revenues with the data it generates from user’s predictions and shares with the financial institutions.

If you’re game, it can be played online in a browser or can be downloaded on your iOS or an Android device.