The biggest Lego ‘Minecraft’ set yet is coming in June


Lego has explored various corners of the Minecraft universe in sets based on the Nether, The End and more. But the biggest set of them all — coming in June — focuses on a decidedly more mundane location: The Village.

Minecraft‘s social centers are the subject of a June 1 Lego release, and it’s not small. For $199.99 you get 1,600 pieces spanning three different biomes (rainforest, snow and desert) and key structures (watchtower, library, butcher, blacksmith and marketplace).

Several of the structures — specifically the library, butcher and marketplace — feature hinged pieces that make it easy to crack them open and create interior scenes.

The set also packs in some new Lego minifigs of your favorite Minecraft characters and beasties. Steve and Alex are included, along with two villagers, a pig, a baby pig, a zombie, a zombie villager, a Creeper, an Enderman and an iron golem.

You can get your first look at the sprawling new set in the gallery up top.