The Kickstarter campaign for this smartwatch has raised more than $2 million

Wearable tech is having a moment – and nothing more so than smartwatches.

Powered by Android Wear and compatible with iOS, the Ticwatch Sport and Ticwatch Express watches use Google Assistant and all of the apps available in Google Play in an effort to help make your life easier.

Record all your best ideas simply by asking Google to take a note and stay on top of your fitness goals with smart workout tracking that’s compatible with the Tic Fit App, Google Fit, or another third party fitness app of your choice.

Besides tracking your physical performance, both Ticwatch models make it easy to use the built-in GPS and music playing capabilities hands free.

The main difference between the two watches is the location of the GPS. The Ticwatch E has it built into the watch body and features traditional replaceable straps, while the Ticwatch S GPS is built into the band for better tracking. The Ticwatch S model also features a fixed, breathable band designed for workouts that helps to minimize sweating.

The launch of the Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E is the second Kickstarter campaign from Team Mobvi, founded by ex-Googlers who launched the Ticwatch 2 in 2016 and garnered the support of almost 10,000 backers. Even better, they were able to fulfill their promise of shipping watches within three months of the close of the campaign.

Back the project and get access to both models (expected to ship by November 2017) in one of three colors starting at $199 here.