The Nexus 6P can snap in half


Last week, a YouTube tester bent a Nexus 6P quite easily during a durability test. Smartphones tend to bend these days, but the tester snapped the 6P essentially in half — not a great feature for a $499 phone — albeit after taking a flame and a razor to the display which could weaken the chassis.


This predictably called into question the credibility of his bend test, so the tester decided to buy another Nexus 6P and do it again, this time with a device fresh out of the box. The second video shows the phone crumbling in the exact same spot, right on the power button, with a similar level of applied pressure. While it appears that the Nexus 6P may bend if, well, you start bending it, it’s still the best Android phone you can spend your money on. Just don’t bend it on purpose. Or bend any smartphone on purpose.