The Pinkification Of Apple Gadgets Is Almost Complete


It started simply, with a new colour option for the Apple Watch. It was called “Rose Gold”, and it fit with Apple’s appeal to make its new wearable more fashion-friendly. Then it came for our iPhones, iPads and Beats headphones. Now, with Apple’s latest hardware update, the MacBook’s gone pink.

Luckily, colour isn’t the only thing Apple’s adding to the MacBook lineup. The 12-inch machine is finallygetting the current generation Skylake Core M chips, along with reportedly longer battery life (10 hours of web browsing) and better graphics. They will be priced from $1999 to $2449, depending on what processor and what capacity SSD you want.

But it’s not the upgrade that most people have been waiting for. Other than souped-up internals, everything else is exactly the same. That means you’re still stuck with just one USB Type-C port, which was one our biggest dislikes when the original machine launched a year ago. However, there’s also lots of chatter surrounding new MacBooks at WWDC, so additional ports could debut in June.

But hey, at least there’s a pink one now!