This Cheap Cable Can Charge Your iPhone as Well as Android Smartphone


Most Android users have the luxury to carry just one USB cable and get away with charging all the devices with it. The same can’t be said for iPhone and iPad users. You will likely find them carrying two cables, one with a Lightning connector and the other a standard Micro-USB cable to feed rest of their devices. A company called LMcable wants to fix that with its ‘iOS & Android Common Connector’ cable.

LMcable is able to charge both iOS and Android devices because it has combined their respective connectors into one. One side of the connector is for iPhone and iPad, whereas the other side can be utilised to charge devices that sport a Micro-USB port.

And it seems everyone is pleased with the idea. LMcable took to the crowd-sourcing platformKickstarter to raise $5,000 (roughly Rs. 338,000) fund to make the device. With 28 of 30 days still left to go, LMcable has been backed by 2,525 backers to raise a sum of AUD 85,834 (roughly Rs. 4,187,136). Early supporters were able to snag the LMcable for a sum of just AUD $13 (roughly Rs. 630). You can still snag one cable for a sum of $21 (roughly Rs. 1,020).

Merging the two connectors into one is tough and raises a number of concerns. LMcable assures that its cable is compatible with both kinds of devices. Furthermore, it says that LMcable also supports fast data transfer and 2.4A fast charging. The company adds that the cable is tin-plated, making it 10 times more durable than regular wires. In addition, the iOS & Android Common Connector is also tangle-free and fits with “most cases.”