This iPhone case doubles as a virtual reality viewer


Virtual reality is about to get more portable thanks to a new Kickstarter-funded accessory for iPhone.

The Figment​ looks like any other durable handset cover on the surface, but it’s housing a secret: a pair of flip-out VR goggles.

The built-in glasses are compatible with virtual reality apps including ​Google Cardboard, Jaunt VR, VRSE​, as well as the 360-degree videos that have started popping up on Facebook and YouTube.

Built with durable plastic and 6000 series aluminium, the Figment is made from almost ​30 different​ components, but you wouldn’t know it – the accessory isn’t much thicker than your average iPhone 6S cover.

The Figment hit Kickstarter today, seeking $75,000 ​to fund the case for a launch early next year. Backers can secure theirs by pledging $49 or more.

Manufacturer Quantum Bakery​ is making models for the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus, and also has plans to branch out to Android devices in the future.