Tile’s lost-item tracking device just got super thin


Those who are perpetually losing their belongings might be familiar with Tile: a Bluetooth device you attach to your items to help locate their whereabouts. Today, the company has unveiled a newer version that’s just thin enough to fit in your wallet.

Appropriately called the Tile Slim, it’s trimmed down from the original version to a thickness of 2.4mm – or about two stacked credit cards. You can slip this into your wallet, luggage, jacket, or attach it to your iPad and other gadgets.


One key difference, however, is that there is no ring hole in the Tile Slim, which means you can’t easily attach it to your keychain. And while it is trimmer, it is also wider than the original Tile.

The Tile Slim also comes with four different ringtones, which could be helpful if you have multiple Tiles and want to assign a ringtone to the specific item it’s attached to, or if multiple family members have separate Tiles.

With the new product, the company is also announcing a new partnership that opens its platform up to third party. At launch, companies like EcoReco, an electric scooter maker, and Nomad, an external battery pack maker, will allow users to locate their items using Tile technology.

You can order the Tile Slim today for $30 apiece, or $100 for four.