Tim Cook meets with Chinese authorities over iCloud attacks

What do you do when you’re the CEO of Apple and hackers are targeting Chinese users of your iCloud service? You set up a meeting with the vice premier of the country, Ma Kai, to discuss what can be done to protect the data of users and how to strengthen communication between your company and the Chinese government.

Reuters (via AppleInsider) reported today that Tim Cook met with the vice premier in Zhongnanhai (the government complex in Beijing) to discuss the attacks that began last weekend. Those attacks were initially reported by activist group GreatFire.org, which has been accusing the Chinese government of being involved in the man-in-the middle hack. iCloud user data is being gathered by spoofing the iCloud.com site, forcing Apple to take some measures to help out users.

Those measures included publishing a guide on how users can verify how they’re on the official iCloud.com site while using Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers, and GreatFire.org reports that Apple appears to be rerouting user data to fend off future attacks.

It’s good to see Cook getting hands-on with regard to issues that could jeopardize the company’s standing with users in what may soon become the company’s biggest market.