Top 10 List Of The Best Gadgets Gifts For Men


his time we bring you the top 10 list of the best gadgets for Men, stylish and fun gifts for men and boys of all ages.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas for men, fathers, boys, husbands, boyfriends in fact anyone from 8 months to 80 years, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here you can find some exclusive gifts for him, as well as ideas to suit their personalities. Whether you want a gift to say happy birthday, thank you, happy anniversary or whatever comes to your mind, we have it all covered for you.

1. Smartphone Projector


Instead of watching videos, films or YouTube on a tiny phone screen, now you can gather round and watch them projected on a wall.
Just follow the simple instructions inside the box to construct the Smartphone Projector from the pre-printed card, flip the image on your smartphone as shown, then insert your device into the slot in the back. Simple as that.
Compatible with any smartphone. Up to 8x magnification.


2. Portable Photo Printer


The wireless, rechargeable Portable Photo Printer lets you make 60-second color prints virtually anywhere, right from your smartphone or tablet. Just download the free app for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy or other Android device and connect through the built-in Wi-Fi network. Edit and decorate your photos on your touchscreen… add borders, hearts, stars, and give your photo an antique look! Then, print 2″ x 3.4″ 290 x 290dpi images that resist UV and fingerprints. Includes starter ribbon and paper for 10 photos.

4. Airwheel Airboard


With a futuristic design, Led display and fantastic workmanship the new frenzy revolutionary Airwheel AirBoard self balancing board is absolute fun and thrill to use. With pressure pad recognition, the AirBoard is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Lean in the direction you wish to go, just by pushing your toes down. The Board can spin on the spot and is therefore incredibly easy to turn and navigate.


5. Rechargeable USB Travel Razor


You can pack lighter when business traveling now thanks to the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor. Smaller than a smartphone, it charges directly from a computer via USB for a smooth, comfortable shave. With its sharp blades and fast vibration, the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor replaces bulky, corded electric razors, as well as traditional razors, gels and foam. Stash one in a briefcase or desk for a quick shave before a big presentation. A full charge gives you 30 minutes of shave time. Available in black or white.


6. Electric Back Hair Shaver


The Electric Back Hair Shaver features a professional 1.5 inch premium blade which can give you superior quality shave results. The patent pending handle design is what make this shaver so precious. It’s extendable as well as adjustable so you can easily extend it and lock it in place. In fact, with this hair shaver you’ll be able to reach even the most difficult areas of your back if required. The rechargeable battery power will help you battle the toughest hair and can also charge up quickly whenever required. One of the coolest accessories that will enable you to stay stylish and have a clean shaven back look anytime and anywhere.

7. Suntree Solar Power Charger


The Solar Suntree is design by XD Desing, it solar charges your Smartphone, iPod and more. It charges 1 device via a cable and powers the charge from the rays of the sun, thanks to 9 little solar panel leaves! Superb gadget gifts for people who love beautifully designed objects, it is a stylish and funky eco gift. With a mini USB input cable and full instructions included, all you need to do is pop it in bright sunlight and away you go.

8. Windproof Lighter


Light a bbq, bonfire, candles or a cigarette, even in a hurricane, with this stylish Windproof Lighter. The flame is adjustable and will burn at any angle, including upside down.
Uses butane gas, available in supermarkets.
7cm. 18 years +.
The Windproof Lighter comes in a Hard Case that is strong, durable, splashproof and weatherproof, as well as being reusable. With neoprene seals throughout and snap-shut quick release side clip, it is a perfect way to store valuables from dust and moisture. Perfect for outdoor pursuits.

9. Portable Jump Starter


Avoid becoming stranded the next time your car dies on you by carrying around the portable jump starter. When your car’s battery craps out on you and there’s no one around to give you a jump, this handy device will come to the rescue.

10. Yuneec Q500 4K Drone


Drone pilots and photographers of all skill levels will enjoy Yuneec’s newest 4K drone. It features 25 minutes of flight time, a 3-Axis anti-vibration gimbal, Geo-fencing and Follow Me and Watch Me modes.