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HP Pavillion Laptop
HP laptop
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The lid of my HP DV6552ea laptop.

How can we get a Hp laptop camera to turn on to take pictures?

My mother has a Hp laptop and we know the camera button must be somewhere but we cannot find it at all! She want’s to take pictures but there is nothing to click on to take her to access her camera. Can anyone help?

HP laptop best answer:

Answer by Captain

Sorry this made me laugh, right to the solution.

there should be software for the camera installed on the laptop there is no button to take pics its all done via software running on the laptop.

HP Laptop
HP laptop
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My Newest toy…

Centrino 1.73Ghz
512Mb Ram
80gb HDD
DVD / CD burner
15.4 WXGA Widescreen

All the usual box and dice and comes with a very cool lightscribe burner – check out www. if you want to know what that does