TP-link’s new Talon router is a first of its kind


The new 802.11ad isn’t designed to replace 802.11ac, but it’s still an exciting development in wireless technology, so TP-Link becoing the first to make it to market with a supporting router is a big event. That early-bird hardware is TP-Link’s new Talon AD7200, and it’s a unique looker that provides first-of-its-kind functionality.

With its eight antennas and textured surface, the Talon does look like something that’s about to sprout legs and attack its new owners, but it’s far more friendly than that. Indeed, its 802.11ad/WiGig functionality should provide faster transfers of data between laptops and docking stations and between external storage and displays.

In an ideal scenario, TP-Link claims that it can hit transfer speeds of up to 4.6Gbps when operating on the WiGig band. It also supports more traditional standards, reaching 1.73Gbps on the 5GHz band, or up to 800Mbps on the 2.4Ghz band (according to Liliputing).

The placement of those clawing antennas is important, too, as they encourage a wide range of coverage in your home or offices.

Connectivity-wise, the Talon AD7200 sports a pair of USB 3.0 connectors and four gigabit Ethernet ports, for those who still prefer to hardwire their hardware. Additional features include a built-in VPN service, parental controls, and a guest network, so that your friends and family can get online without compromising your security.

Of course, it’s the wireless features that TP-Link hopes will help sell its new device, and this router does not come cheap. Available on sites like Newegg, the new networking hardware will set you back $350 if you want the latest and greatest.

That is the disadvantage on jumping on new technology as it is released though. In the coming months, we’d expect rival products to show up, and from there, the inevitable price war will begin, making WiGig connectivity something everyone can afford in due course.