Try before you buy with HTC Vive demos


Fancy checking out this virtual reality malarkey but don’t have much cash? Then you want to get down to Currys PC World.

According to Start Replay, HTC and Currys PC World are teaming up to showcase the Vive virtual reality headset in three stores throughout the country.

You’ll be able to take your very own virtual reality tour by visiting stores in Reading, Leeds and London.

Nothing has been officially announced, mind you, but HTC is believed to be sending out units later this week.

Demo rooms will be set up in the stores, likely with experiences such as Google’s Tilt Brush and Job Simulator​.

You might even be able to save on shipping costs by cancelling pre-orders through the HTC website and re-ordering from Currys PC World.

The HTC Vive was recently handed a $799 (£689) price tag, which is more expensive than the $599 it would cost to buy an Oculus Rift. It will ship to early adopters in April.

It comes with the Vive head-mounted display, as well as the Vive Station and Vive Link Box that helps map your space in the virtual world. There’s also a pair of the awesome HTC Vive controllers, and some Vive Ear Buds.

That’s on top of two free games, including the aforementioned ​Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives​ and Fantastic Contraption.