Twitter changes the ‘Like’ button yet again to celebrate its 10th anniversary


Although Twitter provoked the anger of its users when it changed the star-shaped ‘Favourite’ button to a heart-shaped ‘Like’ one back in November, it may have won them back with its latest tweak.

Starting on Twitter’s 10th birthday on Monday, clicking the heart button creates a minature explosion of fireworks and confetti, rather than the simple animation which came before.

It’s not quite clear whether this is a special birthday tweak or a permanent addition, but it’s quite nice nontheless.

Twitter have been giving themselves a few birthday presents today – the hashtag#LoveTwitter is accompanied by its own little emoji, and the company has been patting themselves on the back for all the important moments which have taken place on their network in the last 10 years.

Unlike algorithmic timelines and lime-green retweet buttons, the jazzy new ‘Like’ animation has been received well by the users.

Twitter isn’t praised all that often, so the brief bit of excitement over the new button is probably the best birthday present they could have got.