Uber charges drunk passenger £102 for £15 journey as driver takes 20-mile detour


A drunk passenger was given a rude awakening after falling asleep in the back of an Uber taxi.

Following a boozy night out in London, Daniel Kaizen came to and found that he had been billed £102.17 for a five-mile trip between Old Street and Wood Green.

The 26-year-old was initially told the journey would cost £15. The discrepancy was the result of a 20-mile detour the driver took as he napped.

Kaizen was alerted to the mix-up when he switched on his phone to give the driver a star rating. He probably sobered up quickly when he saw that bill.

“I nearly spat out my tea laughing at the route,” The Telegraph quotes him as saying.

Fortunately for Kaizen, Uber has apologised for the gaffe and promised to refund the difference within the next five days.