Under Armour and HTC’s Healthbox is a fitness kit for the digital age


Under Armour has teamed up with HTC to launch a health kit for the digital age, geared towards fitness enthusiasts and tech fanatics alike.

Healthbox includes everything you need to supplement your workout programme – a fitness tracker, a heart monitor and smart scales.

The UA Band fitness tracker follows in the footsteps of HTC’s now-defunct Grip wearable, with its minimalist design and PMOLED touchscreen, and monitors your heart rate and sleep quality.

It is joined in the box by the UA Scale, a set of connected scales that keeps track of your weight and body fat percentage, and helps you hit your goals.

Finally, the UA Heart Rate is a more sophisticated heart monitor for those who require in-depth cardio feedback. It straps to your chest and delivers live feedback to your mobile device during a workout.

The free UA Record app for iOS and Android devices serves as the spine of Healthbox, collecting data from all three of the devices to offer a broad picture of your overall health.

Healthbox is available to pre-order in the US, priced at $400, while its trio of gadgets can be purchased separately for between $80 and $180.

It will be released in the US on January 22 and internationally later this year.