VW doubles down on EVs with its newest concept


Volkswagen is super-duper serious about going green. Emphasizing that fact, it will unveil a new electrified concept car later this month at the Paris Motor Show.

Ahead of that that official debut, the German automaker has released three teaser images of that concept likely to both pique our interest for the thing but also to undermine the headlines Chevy has been garnering this week surrounding its 238-mile Bolt EV.

Certainly, the concept looks classic VW, with a happy, round-y hatchback shape. That said, this car is more of a design showcase than a production car.

However, the car does ride on the Volkswagen Group’s new platform, codenamed MEB. So although its exterior designs might be a bit wilder than buyers will see in the showrooms in a few years time, its overall shape — and perhaps projected range — will be closer to reality.


What details do we spy here in these teaser images that won’t probably make it to the assembly line? Well, that charge port in the rear hatch-mounted spoiler for one. Also, those neat honeycomb-style LED headlights are probably prohibitively expensive for production.

And although VW hasn’t teased the interior, if the EV microbus BUDD-e concept from 2016 CES was any indiction, it should be pretty techie in this one as well.

That’s just a guess, though. We’ll have to wait until September 29 when the Paris Motor Show kicks off to know for sure.